New Book Sleeve Size!

Please welcome a new size to the Sew Happy Stitch Happy sleeves: extra small! 

Measuring at about 6" long by 8" high, this size was created with mass market paperbacks and pocket editions in mind. This sleeve will fit most eReaders, too! The pocket option is available with the extra small, depending on the print. 

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LocalGirl Small World Feature

SHSH was featured in LocalGirl Small World's Summer Haul 2020! I was contacted to create a beach themed book sleeve and I ran with it. I paired a sandy shell print with an ocean blue lining- you could practically hear the waves. 

The cherry on the top was the giveaway! LocalGirl Small World gifted one lucky winner a Toes in Sand, Nose in Book book sleeve and the novel Castles in The Sand by Amanda Monroe . 

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New Website!

Introducing the new Sew Happy Stitch Happy website! Featuring the entire book sleeve collection, a review page, FAQs, and more, this site allows you to do anything and everything in one place. 

Check out Book Sleeves to shop, where you can create an account to keep track of your orders or to purchase as a guest. Feel free to browse the Gallery to ooh and aah over some gorgeous photos! The About section is...

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Double The Books Magazine Feature

What a fun way to begin 2020! Me and my book sleeves are a part of the January issue of Double The Books Magazine! I really appreciated the question of how I choose the prints. My fabric shopping process is a little unique and hugely personal. Plus, they reviewed a Sew Happy Stitch Happy book sleeve at the end of the article!
This e-zine is proudly "ran by book lovers for book lovers". Including writing/blogging tips, bookish merch reviews, author interviews, and more, each issue...

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Read Yourself Happy Blog Interview

In May of 2019, I was lucky enough to be featured in Friday Favorites from Read Yourself Happy blog! Run by Penny Wright, she focuses on book reviews, wellness news, and interviews with fellow authors and bibliophiles. Check out my full (and very first interview ever!) below. 


Tell us a bit about yourself.

 My name is Carolyn and I’m happily married to a wonderful man. We have a son and daughter, who are equal parts cute, kind, and energetic. Our two dogs, Mischief and Trouble, complete our family. I love to read,...

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